Stealth Typist

You can download stealth typist from the itch.io page here.

Stealth Typist is a game idea I started casually working on over a year ago. At the moment, the only gameplay is a simple WPM mode. Due to free time being limited lately, development of the game has been slow, but worked on when possible.

The overall concept for the game is a stealth typing loop, with the main focus being avoiding detection, rather than how fast you can type. The player needs to avoid being seen by various enemies, traps and abilities to reach the goal and achieve a high score.

Stealth Typist
Stealth Typist

This is not the only idea I have for this game, as I have many noted down and I will flesh them out as I develop the games content more.

A fair bit of testing (and typing) has been done, but it is possible you may still bump into a bug or two. The animation and art are also a bit janky.

An Early concept for the typing bar
An Early concept for the typing bar

As I said at the start, there is no dedicated work going on at the moment for this game but still let me know if you run into any problems. When I get some free time, I will be spending it developing the game!

You can download stealth typist from the itch.io page here.

Tech Used
  • C#
  • Aseprite
  • Photoshop

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