Moving Company CRM

My biggest project whilst freelancing was for a moving company, they needed their entire CRM system replacing with something bespoke that could work for them. I can't name the company or show a lot of images of the work as i was under an NDA type deal.

This started with the way they collected customer leads. I wrote a custom VB.net application that could connect to the google mail API, download all of the lead emails in the mailbox and store them in the database for parsing by the system, These emails were then moved to another folder so they could be pulled back in if needed.

It was done this way so that the process could be more asynchronous and less susceptible to server timeouts like the previous solution they were using. Once the emails are downloaded they are pulled into the parser on the site. It would determine which type of lead email it was, since they received leads from many sources, and then either parse the JSON string, or do some old school scraping of data as long as it fit the formatting of the email.

Once it was parsed it would check if the customer existed in the system, if not a new one would be created, otherwise it would create a dupe alert that the client would have to look at and merge, delete or create a new move based on.

A manager could then assign the move to a coordinator, all the assigned leads etc were tracked and stats could be pulled up. They even asked for a leaderboard report that they could leave open in the office that would show a coordinators stats, and make a sound when they booked a move.

The main customer screen held all the fields requested by the client, originally it was responsive but the coordinators were too use to the original layout so i had to retrofit it back to that. They can add quotes, notes, activities, payment balance, complaints and files.

These files would link back to the office server and needed a custom chrome extension written at first, until they moved it all to the cloud and it would just link directly to the google drive folders.

They required a load of email templates that were sent through the system using the gmail api, these templates were created using dynamic TWIG templates that would be generated on the fly and used for the html body of the email.

Tech Used
  • MySQL
  • TWIG
  • HTML
  • SASS
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Google API
  • C#
  • VB.net

Date Written: